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and you can tell

by the knots in my hair


info header by me. friends only banner by: everybody__lies

Hey. Welcome to my LJ, version 002 featuring lovely actress Zooey Deschanel. A little about me... Umm.. My name's Jas, I'm a high school student, I'm short, skinny, and have blue eyes. I'm indipendant, slightly random, and very sarcastic. Usually, though, I'm pretty interesting to talk to. I love sushi, volleyball, and I like to sing, dress up, and hang out with friends.

My journal is friends only. If you want me to add you, just comment here.

actors: adam brody, channing tatum, dominic monaghan, hayden christiensen, ian somerhalder, jared padalecki, josh holloway, leonardo decaprio, orlando bloom, rupert grint, tom felton, wentworth miller, william mosely,

actresses: alexis beldel, amanda bynes, amber tamblyn, anna popplewell, ashley tisdale, claire danes, emilie de ravin, emily browning, emma watson, evangeline lilly, evan rachel wood, georgie henley, julia stiles, kate bosworth, keira knightly, maggie grace, micha barton, michelle rodriguez, sophia bush, yunjin kim, zooey deschanel.

ships: brendon urie&audrey kitching, dominic monaghan&emilie de ravin, dominic monaghan&evangeline lilly, ian somerhalder&maggie grace, josh holloway&evangeline lilly, josh holloway&yessica holloway, josh janowicz&emilie de ravin, orlando bloom&evangeline lilly, ryan ross&jac vanek, william mosely&anna popplewell, [lost:] Hibby-hurley&libby, Jacket-jack&juliet, Jana-jack&ana-lucia, Jate-james&kate, Jun-jin&sun, PB&J-charlie&claire, Renard-bernard&rose, Shayid-sayid&shannon, Shoone-boone&shannon, Skate-sawyer&kate. [harry potter:] draco malfoy&pansy parkinson, ron weasley&hermione granger, harry potter&ginny weasley [other:] alex&izzy [grey's anatomy], burke&christina[grey's anatomy], derek&meredith[grey's anatomy]

television: America's Next Top Model, Canada's Next Top Model, Fashion Television, Grey's Anatomy, LOST, Much Music, Prison Break, That 70's Show.

movies: Harry Potter, Lemony Snicket's a Series of Unfortunate Events, Napolean Dynamite, Pirates of the Caribbean, The Chronicles of Narnia, The Fog, The Hills Have Eyes.

books: Harry Potter series, A Series Of Unfortunate Events, The It Girl, Green Angel, Romeo&Juliet.

music: afi, alaina beaton, alexisonfire, as i lay dying, bratmobile, chevelle, city and colour, fall out boy, from first to last, gravy train, hawthorne heights, jeffree star, lily allen, meg & dia, panic! at the disco, plain white ts, refused, senses fail, silverstein, the dresden dolls, the fall of troy, the hush sound.

models: audrey kitching, boyd holbrook, caroline trentini, cintia dicker, claudia merikula, daria werbowy, elyse taylor, freja beha, gemma ward, heather marks, irina lazareanu, isabeli fontana, jessica stam, kate moss, lily cole, lily donaldson, morgane dubled, natasha poly, polina kouklina, sasha pivovarova, vlada roslyakova, zui suicide.

abc lost, acting, adam brody, alaina beaton, alexis bledel, anna sui, anthony padilla, art, ashley oslen, audrey kitching, becky lou filip, books, boyd holbrook, brick, burberry, caroline trentini, caroline winberg, chanel, charlie/claire, chloé, cintia dicker, computers, dance, dancing, darla baker, degrassi, domilie, dominic monaghan, draco malfoy, drawing, dreaming, emilie de ravin, emily browning, emma watson, epico, europe, evan rachel wood, evangeline lilly, family, fashion, fashion editorials, fashion journalism, fashion magazines, fashion photography, flair magazine, garage clothing, gemma ward, h&m, hanna-beth, harry potter, haute couture, heather marks, i-d magazine, ian hecox, ian somerhalder, icons, indie films, indie rock, internet, irina lazareanu, jac vanek, jacquelene vanek, jeffree star, jeisa chiminazzo, jessica stam, josh holloway, journalism, julia stegner, kate bosworth, kirsten dunst, lattes, laughing, lauren steil, literature, lost, louis vuitton, maggie grace, magsian, marc by marc jacobs, marc jacobs, marie antoinette, mary-kate olsen, mischa barton, miu miu, mka, modeling, models, molly steele, movies, music, narnia, natalia vodianova, natalie portman, new york city, numero magazine, nylon magazine, olsen twins, orlando bloom, orlilly, panic! at the disco, photography, pirates of the caribbean, polaroids, project runway, rachel bilson, ready to wear, ribbons, romance, ron/hermione, ronald weasley, rupert grint, sarcasm, sasha pivovarova, sawyer and kate, scene queens, shopping, skate, skinny jeans, sleeping, smosh, star wars, suicide girls, summer, tegan and sara, the chronicles of narnia, the goblet of fire, the halfblood prince, the hills have eyes, the killers, the oc, the virgin suicides, tom felton, vogue, william moseley, writing, zooey deschanel, zui suicide,